Farofa Foods was born to bring Brazil a little closer to you through delicious and fresh food! 

Our two founders met in university during their culinary course and since then they’ve worked in different countries and sectors of the food industry, from fine dining restaurants to multinational food companies. After traveling around the world they’ve decided to settle in Canada and finally realize their dream of opening their own business, combining all of that experience. From this dream Farofa Foods was born! 

At Farofa we strive to make your life easier. Our goal is to bring to you authentic Brazilian food with high quality ingredients. And with our vacuum sealed packages you can have a fresh meal in a matter of minutes! 

What’s Farofa you ask?

Since the early explorers that carried Farofa on their long horse rides to the distant lands of Brazil until today, Farofa is one of the staples of our culinary culture.

Officially, Farofa is a toasted cassava flour mixture, but this is just a superficial description. The recipe is different in every region of Brazil, respecting local costumes and cultural traditions.

And since Brazilians love to interact and socialize, Farofa can also describe a social gathering, normally by the beach, where people meet to have a good time and eat good food. These people are known as Farofeiros!

We, at Farofa Foods, are happy to have you on this gastronomic journey with us!

Welcome, Farofeiros! Enjoy and have fun!